AI and Recruitment
5 Ways 'AI' is Already Impacting Recruitment
Impacting Recruitment
5 Ways 'AI' is Already Impacting Recruitment

Artificial technology (AI) is already impacting recruitment and will continue to do so in the years ahead. Here are some ways in which AI is expected to impact recruitment:

  1. Resume Screening: AI-powered tools can scan resumes to identify relevant keywords and qualifications, making it easier for recruiters to sort through large numbers of applicants quickly. These tools can also help reduce bias by focusing on objective qualifications rather than subjective factors.

  2. Candidate Assessment: AI-powered tools can help assess candidate skills and abilities through online assessments, gamification, and other interactive tools. This can help recruiters gain more objective insights into candidates' fit for a job.

  3. Interviewing: AI-powered chatbots can conduct initial interviews with candidates, answering questions about the company and the position and providing feedback based on the candidate's responses. This can help streamline the recruiting process and free up time for recruiters to focus on higher-value tasks.

  4. Onboarding: AI-powered tools can help automate the onboarding process, providing new hires with personalised training and information about the company and their role.

  5. Talent management: AI-powered tools can help recruiters track employee performance and identify potential retention risks. This can help organisations make data-driven decisions about employee development and retention.

Overall, AI is expected to make recruitment more efficient, objective, and data-driven. While AI can help streamline processes and reduce bias, it's important for organisations to maintain a human touch in the recruitment process and ensure that candidates are treated fairly and respectfully.

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