5 interview tips to secure
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5 interview tips to secure

We wanted to share our best interviewing tips to increase the odds of helping you attract and close sales and marketing talent. These are the most tried and tested strategies for winning in interviewing.

Close the best talent with effective interviewing 

Candidates with a positive interviewing experience are 38% more likely to accept an offer. Most of the candidate’s Sales Recruit Partners present to our clients are not active job searchers; they have been specifically headhunted to fit our client’s hiring needs. As such, it is very important to engage and excite candidates to keep them interested and invested in the hiring process. We consistently see big differences in our clients’ recruiting and interviewing processes that impact the results of their hiring. Some clients win great candidates, while others lose countless candidates, not due to the position or compensation but simply due to the interviewing process and the excitement (or lack of excitement) that it builds up over time.

5 ways to put the odds in your favour of closing the right candidate:

1. First impressions matter

This sets the stage for their intent to proceed in the interview process and how enthusiastic they feel about the potential opportunity. Be on time, friendly and approachable, and avoid multi-tasking if it is a video call

2. Invite the right interview team

Don’t start off with the pitch in an in-person interview. First of all, you first want to make sure this is a promising candidate. So, wait until the end, and at that point, you will have also learned about what’s important for the candidate so that you can tailor your pitch to fit their career goals (again, don’t make it directly about them, but rather speaking descriptively about the role). 

3. Have your EVP pitch ready

Be prepared to speak to what makes this role and your company’s employer value proposition compelling.  i.e why will this be a great next work for the candidates? This is extremely important to win high-calibre talent. They are interviewing you as much as you are

interviewing them! Wait to give your pitch at the end so that you can tailor it to

what you have heard the candidate say in terms of what they are looking for in

their next role.


Speed is your friend in recruiting and will increase the odds of closing the candidate you want. Our most successful clients schedule follow-up interviews after 2-3 days.

5. CAP YOUR INTERVIEW ROUNDS AT 3. Lengthy processes often lead to losing candidates. Industry data supports that three rounds are sufficient for an informed hiring decision.

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