6 Reasons Jobs Boards Fail to Attract
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6 Reasons Jobs Boards Fail to Attract

While job boards can be a valuable resource for recruiters and employers, they may also produce poor candidates. Here are some reasons why job boards may not always yield the best candidates:

  1. Over-reliance on keywords: Job boards often rely heavily on keywords to match candidates with job postings. This can lead to candidates who have the right keywords on their resume but may not have the actual experience or qualifications needed for the job.
  2. Lack of screening: Many job boards allow candidates to apply for jobs with just a few clicks, without any initial screening or verification of qualifications. This can result in a large number of unqualified candidates applying for a job.
  3. Competitive market: Popular job boards are often crowded with job postings, making it difficult for a job posting to stand out. This can lead to a flood of unqualified candidates applying for the job.
  4. High volume of applications: Job boards can generate a high volume of applications, making it challenging for recruiters to sift through all the resumes and find the most suitable candidates.
  5. Passive candidates: Job boards tend to attract active job seekers, who may not always be the best candidates for a particular job. Many top candidates may not be actively looking for a job and may not be searching job boards for job opportunities.
  6. Lack of personalisation: Job boards may not always provide a personalised experience for candidates. Many job seekers may receive the same generic job postings, which may not match their skills or career aspirations.

To address these challenges, recruiters and employers should consider using multiple recruitment channels, such as employee referrals, social media, and professional networks, to source the best candidates. They should also leverage a specialised search firm with domain expertise and an established network of candidates in the markets you see to secure talent. 

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