Building better sales teams and sustainable revenue growth is rarely achieved by chance and yet most companies recruit sales personnel reactively through job board postings or agency multi listings, thus limiting their access to a relatively small pool of often lower calibre sales candidates that happen to be ON the market, rather than applying a more proactive and strategically tailored process capable of identifying and securing the very best sales talent IN the market.

Proven Sales Recruitment Processes

We’re driven to help our clients reduce sales hiring risks and build better sales teams. Our best in class, ‘4-phase sales recruitment process’ embodies the research capabilities, search methodologies and resource base utilised by leading executive search firms and has proven its efficacy across thousands of recruitment assignments since 2004.

Complimentary - Value Added Services

We supplement our proven recruitment process with value-added solutions at no further cost to further optimise our client’s capability to attract & retain A-Level sales talent. These include;

An objective assessment of an employer’s readiness and capability of attracting A- Levels sales candidates. Factors involved include compensation competitiveness, clarity of KPI’s and performance measures, documented incentive structures, onboarding procedures, employer reputation etc.

We conduct salary and incentive benchmarking utilising extensive internal and third-party compensation data and provide an objective ‘compensation range’ needed to ‘meet the market’ and in doing so, have in place a critical lever to lure A-Sales Players.

We help you develop and document you core Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to better align with the Dominant Career Motives (DCM’s) of high-performance sales professionals and sales leaders. This not only facilitates dialogue with often elusive passive sales candidates but also moderates compensation expectations.

We will help tailor a performance-based position profile that describes the key position objectives, not the person. While outlining skills and functional requirements is relevant, establishing clear performance expectations, timeline measures and incentive parameters ensure candidates understand what is expected of them during the selection process and more importantly, when they are appointed.

Industry Leading Service Guarantees

Mitigating our clients ‘hiring risks’ and maximising the ‘return of their hiring investment’ is at the forefront of our service delivery objectives which is why we provide a minimum 6-month replacement guarantee and up 12-months for senior sales appointments.

We augment our core search and selection services with a range of complimentary talent attraction and sales optimisation solutions such as our bespoke advisory & strategy development services and on-demand outsourcing solutions.

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“Sales Recruit Australia have consistently delivered a very professional and strategic search process to help our business develop our sales teams across Australia. Highly recommended.

Peter Holton
Managing Director, Spectur

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