Helping Organisations Reach Their Sales Potential

For over 15 years, we have been driven to help organisations realise their sales potential by delivering proven A-Level sales talent who can deliver the sales outcomes our client’s need. How? By executing proactive, sophisticated and targeted recruitment practices that offer organisations access to the top sales candidates IN the market, rather than being limited to sales candidates that happen to be ON the market.

Process: Our ‘4-phase Sales Recruitment Process’ embodies the headhunting capabilities of leading executive search firms Knowledge: Sales talent attraction is our focus, so knowing where to find and how to assess sales talent is our core expertise. Reach: From Sydney to Singapore; we’ve secured sales talent for companies across Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.
Experience: We’ve been securing top sales talent for 15 years and we’ve placed over 10,000 sales professionals & sales leaders Assessment: Our proprietary background checking processes ensure sales performance claims are verified prior to shortlisting. Speed: Our recruitment processes have been refined to deliver a final shortlist of 4-5 headhunted candidates within 14-21 days.
Business Development Managers Sales Representatives Account/Relationship Mgt
Channel Managers Sales Operations Sales Engineers
Territory/Area Managers Pre-Sales Consultant Sales Analyst
State / Regional Sales Managers National Sales Manager / Director Sales & Marketing Manager
Chief Revenue Office (CRO) Partner / Alliance Manager Commercial Director
Bespoke search and selection strategy and tactical plan applied to each recruitment project Lead consultant supported by a dedicated team of researchers and resources Comparative industry compensation & incentives benchmarking analysis
Extensive research capabilities coupled with a global network of pre-screened candidates Exhaustive market mapping and long listing process to identify target candidates Competency-based screening & interview questions tailored to each search project
Indefinite Search Time Limit. (Resources applied until an appointment is made) Off Limits Policy’. Placed candidates will be off-limits to SRA permanently Minimum 6-month Replacement Guarantee (extendable to 12 months)

Our clients enjoy a range of complementary value-added Talent Attraction Optimisation Services to further maximise their capability to attract & retain A-Level sales talent. These include;

  • Talent Readiness Audit: An objective assessment of an employer’s readiness and capability of attracting A- Level sales candidates. Factors involved include compensation competitiveness, clarity of KPI’s and performance measures, documented incentive structures, onboarding procedures, employer reputation etc.
  • Compensation Benchmarking: We conduct a thorough compensation benchmarking analysis utilising extensive internal and third-party compensation data and provide an objective ‘compensation range’ needed to ‘meet the market’ and in doing so, have in place a critical lever to lure A-Sales Players.
  • EVP Development: We help you develop and document your company’s core Employer Value Propositions (EVP) to better align with the dominant career and life motives of high-performance sales professionals and sales leaders. This not only facilitates dialogue with often elusive passive candidates but also moderates compensation expectations and significantly improves retention rates.
  • Performance-Based Position Profiling: We will help tailor a performance-based position profile that describes the key position objectives, not the person. While outlining skills and functional requirements are relevant, establishing clear performance expectations, timeline measures and incentive parameters ensure candidates understand what is expected of them during the selection process and more importantly, when they are appointed.

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