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Your APAC Expansion

Regional Reach, Local Expertise

Expand your sales force with tailored sales recruitment strategies that align with your expansion goals.

Navigate New Markets

Utilise our expertise and reach to build a high-performance Oceanic or APAC sales force that drives global success.

Sales Force Expansion

Partner with us to recruit proven sales talent and sales leaders, ready to spearhead your expansion into new territories.

Sales Recruit Partners are a trusted partner to hundreds of  global organisations  seeking to extend their sales capabilities into Australia the broader Oceanic and APAC regions. 

We understand that entering a new market is a significant step. We provide bespoke recruitment services designed to facilitate the seamless integration of your sales force into your desired expansion markets. Our approach ensures not only a smooth market entry but also a strong positioning for sustained growth.

Typical International Expansion Sales  Functions
  • Country Manager
  • VP Sales
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Channel Sales Manager
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Technical Sales Specialist
Leaders in Oceanic & APAC Sales Force Expansion
Support beyond
Support beyond

Sales Recruit Partners acts as your partner in international expansion. We go beyond mere recruitment; we consult on best practices for international sales development and operational integration. Our expertise as a bridge in international sales recruitment helps you mitigate the risks associated with entering a new market.

International Expansion Support Services

We provide expert remuneration and sales incentive plan (SIP) benchmarking to ensure your compensation packages are competitive in the Australian and APAC markets. 

This helps organisations  establish competitive and equitable pay structures and customised incentive schemes that motivate their team and align with local cultural norms and business objectives.

We partner with Deel who acts as the official employer for tax purposes and handles payroll, benefits, and compliance issues for the client company. This is especially useful for companies that do not have a physical presence in Australia or the APAC region.

This simplifies the employment process, ensures compliance with local employment laws, and reduces the administrative burden on the foreign company.

We offer support for obtaining necessary work visas and permits for employees who are relocating to Australia specifically.

This facilitates smooth entry, helps navigate complex immigration processes, and ensures that all legal requirements are met for working in Australia.

We help relocate employees and their families with the logistics of moving, such as finding housing, schools for children, and settling-in services.

This reduces the stress and disruption associated with relocating, helping employees to become productive more quickly.

We offer programs designed to introduce new employees to the corporate culture and business practices of the APAC region, including language training if necessary.

This enhances understanding and integration into the local culture, which is crucial for building relationships and effective communication.

We offer professional advice and support on various HR issues including employee relations, performance management, and local HR policies.

These helps ensure that HR and industrial relationions practices are in line with local laws and are culturally appropriate, supporting effective management and operation.

We offer advisory services on how to enter and establish a presence in the Australian or APAC markets, including competitive analysis, market strategy, and local business etiquette.

This provides insights into the market dynamics and helps formulate strategies to successfully launch and compete in the local marketplace

The Sales Recruit Partners
The Sales Recruit Partners
Tactical Approach
Strategically planned, highly resourced and laser-targeted headhunting processes.
Market Mapping
Our dedicated research team perform deep market dives to uncover hidden sales talent.
Offer Management
We manage every step of the verbal & written offer presentation & negotiation process.
Salary Benchmarking
Comparative industry compensation & incentives benchmarking analysis & advice.
Background Screening
All shortlisted candidates are background checked via in-house & third-party screening methods.
Hiring Guarantee
Industry leading 6-month replacement guarantee. 12 months for leadership appointments.
Opportunity Prospectus
A professionally designed position & employer marketing document to engage with top sales talent.
Professional Assessments
Complementary cognitive, behavioural, emotional intelligence & leadership assessments.
Non-Solicitation Policy
We contractually commit never to solicit sales leaders placed into our client organisations.
Sales Recruit
Sales Recruit

To holistically evaluate candidate fit, we have developed the Sales Recruit CLEAR RANK assessment system for shortlisted candidates. The Clear Rank system is based on five key quality dimensions, and candidates receive a score between 1 and 5 on each dimension.

Click here to view our nine-phase search & selection process

Measures work ethic, communication style, motivation, personality profile.
Measures stability, career trajectory, potential tenure, compensation profile.
Measures overall career  credentials, achievements, & previous company pedigree.
ttitude & Aptitude
Measures soft and hard skills considered to be essential traits dictated by the brief. 
Measures quality of “front ” &  “back ” door references that can validate work history and achievements.

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