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Get answers to Sales Recruit Partners' most frequently asked questions. If you need more information, contact us at 1300 774 900.

How does Sales Recruit Partners differ?
At Sales Recruit Partners, we're more than just sales and marketing headhunters; we're industry specialists with over two decades of experience. Our extensive network boasts the best sales and marketing talent cultivated over 20 years. Unlike conventional staffing agencies and job boards, we meticulously plan and execute strategic headhunting processes supported by cutting-edge assessment methodologies and technologies. This proven approach consistently delivers the high-calibre revenue generation talent essential for your business growth.
Why is headhunting effective?
Headhunting is a bespoke recruitment approach that sets us apart. Our consultants invest time researching primarily 'Passive Candidates,' delving deep into their skills, experiences, and aspirations. This in-depth understanding enables us to craft a personalised pitch, presenting compelling reasons why our client's company is the ideal choice for these sought-after candidates.
Do you recruit locally & nationally?
We boast an unparalleled talent network comprising local and national sales and marketing professionals. In addition, we harness state-of-the-art research and communication tools to connect with passive candidates on national and regional scales.
What industry sectors are your clients in?
With unparalleled domain expertise, we've successfully executed hundreds of recruitment assignments across diverse sectors, including Information Technology, Professional Services, Financial Services, e-commerce, Transport and logistics, Construction, Manufacturing, Energy, FMCG, and Healthcare.
Do you work with companies of all sizes?
We collaborate with a diverse range of companies, spanning from dynamic start-ups to global enterprises. What unites them all is their shared commitment to ambitious growth strategies. They recognise that securing top-tier talent is paramount in gaining a competitive edge and fueling rapid, sustainable revenue growth.
Do you offer behavioral profiling?
Yes, we provide a selection of behavioural, cognitive, emotional intelligence, and leadership assessments upon request, which can be seamlessly integrated into our search process. Additional charges may apply, depending on the specific type and volume of assessments selected for integration.
Do you conduct background screening?
Yes, we utilise a comprehensive suite of background screening processes and leverage cutting-edge technologies to identify top-tier talent and mitigate hiring risks effectively. Our services encompass role-specific reference checks (overt and covert), criminal background checks, education and employment verification checks, credit checks, and license verification.
Do you offer a service guarantee?
At the heart of our client objectives are risk mitigation and maximizing ROI on hiring. We proudly offer an industry-leading six-month replacement hire guarantee, which can be extended to a robust twelve months. For executive-level sales and marketing positions, our recruitment assignments automatically include a minimum 12-month replacement hire guarantee, providing employers with the confidence they need before engaging our services.
How much does your service cost?
Our service fees are tailored to the specific requirements of your search, distinguishing between mid-level and executive-level hires. After an initial exploratory call, you will promptly receive a comprehensive search proposal along with a detailed fee estimate.
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