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We’re driven to help our clients mitigate sales hiring risks and build world-class sales teams with sales recruitment processes capable of securing elite B2B sales performers and sales leaders that are critical to and capable of driving sustainable revenue growth. We do this via the application of a best in class, ‘4-Phase Search & Selection Process’ that embodies the research capabilities and search methodologies of leading executive search firms.

Step 1: Job Briefing Session

Once engaged, SRA will appoint a lead consultant who will schedule and conduct a job briefing session with the client.

Step 2: Define Search Requirements

After assessing key candidate profile requirments

Step 3: SRA Strategy and Progile Briefing 

SRA’s lead consultant to dicuss and consolidate search startegy with each member of the search support team, which consists of researchers, resourcers and background checking personnel.

Step 4: Market Mapping

Support team to compile a targeted list of source employer companies likely to harbour candidates that meet the candidate profile requirements.

Step 5: Identify Target candidates   (Long Listing)

Support team to compile a ‘long list’ of target candidates for the lead consultant to review. (Ideally 75-100)

Step 1: Refine the Long List

The lead consultant refines the long list (Ideally 35-50) and directly reaches out to target candidates for a preliminary /scoping discussion. Client’s anonymity protected during this process..

Step 2: Candidate Approaches

Candidates that are aligned with the job brief and salary budget are  invited to a more indepth meeting (interview) by and withg the lead consultant at which time the employer is revealed.

Step 3: SRA Interview process

Lead consultant develops and utilises a tailored situational and behavioural questions shaped by the job brief. Consultant then benchmarks candidates via a proprietary scoring system.

Step 4: Covert Background Checks

Prior to presenting candidates, the lead consultant will often endeavour to conduct background checks via covert and overt means through our extensive national network. The aim of this process is to identify any discrepancies with candidate sales performance and work history claims.

Step 1: Candidate Introductions 

Lead consultant to schedule a phone or in-person meeting with the client to formally introduce 3-5 shortlisted candidates.

Step 2: First Round Interviews

Coordinate and manage first round interviews with all shortlisted candidates.

Step 3: Post Interview briefings

Lead consultant to conduct post-interview briefings with candidates and clients.

Step 4: Follow-Up Interviews

Lead consultant to coordinate follow-up interviews if required with preferred candidate/s and continue to facilitate post interview briefings.

Step 5: Pre-offer Preparation

Upon the client nominating the candidate they seek to appoint, the lead consultant to re-confirm compensation criteria with candidate and cover counter-offer and start date availability.

Key objective: Confirm candidate commitment to the opportunity to ensure extended written offer will result in acceptance.

Step 6: Reference Checks

Candidate to provide lead consultant with two references. If required by the employer, SRA to conduct two references to veryfy work history and sales performance. The completed and transcribed references, inclusive of referee name and contact details to be emailed to the client for their review.

Step 1: Offer Presentation

Lead consultant will present the employment offer to the candidate via SRA’s electronic signature system and will assist with the management of the candidate’s resignation process including written and verbal notice, counteroffer avoidance, etc.

Step 2: Formal acceptance & appointment

Upon formal acceptance by the candidate, SRA’s signature system shall email a copy of the signed employment offer to the employee and appointee for their records.

Step 3: Follow-up

Lead consultant will track the appointees’ progress in regular intervals and offer relevant feedback to the employer.

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