Sales Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our best in class project based Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution enables organisations to outsource critical parts of their sales recruitment processes.

RPO differs greatly from traditional sales recruitment services in that it assumes ownership of the design and management of one or more sales recruitment processes and the ongoing responsibility of results.

Who would benefit from RPO?

When a company opens a new office or business unit, wins a new client, or goes through a period of rapid growth, filling numerous sales and leadership positions can be challenging. Your HR team may not have the bandwidth or expertise to satisfy these new demands, or it may lack the budget or time to work with a traditional recruitment engagement model.

Sales RPO Project Service Components

  • Market & Talent Mapping
  • Talent Pipelining and Assessment
  • Job Description Copy Writing
  • Screening & Interviewing
  • Background & Reference Checking
  • Onboarding Process Development
  • Employee Surveys & Score-carding

“Sales Recruit were on brief and on time with a key new sales hire for our business. I found SRA to be thoroughly process orientated and professional. Highly recommend”

Matthew Waddell
Sales & Marketing Manager, GWH Constructions

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