Frequent Questions

“Sales Recruit Australia have consistently delivered a very professional and strategic search process to help our business develop our sales teams across Australia. Highly recommended.

Peter Holton
Managing Director, Spectur

What sales positions does you recruit for?

Sales Recruit Australia to recruit B2B sales professionals & sales leaders for positions where starting salaries exceed, 80,000 p.a.

Typical B2B Sales Positions

Business Development Managers Field Sales Representatives Account Managers/Directors
Territory/Area Managers Channel Managers Sales Engineers

Typical Sales Leadership Positions

State / Regional Sales Managers National Sales Manager / Director National Sales Manager
Chief Revenue Office (CRO) Partner / Alliance Manager Commercial Director

Do you recruit non-sales positions?

No, we exclusively recruit within the sales occupational category for two reasons, a) it allows us to develop very specific candidate networks and it empowers us to become increasingly proficient at identifying, screening and background checking sales candidates.

What is your geographic reach?

Our national office network, supported by significant online and offline research and resourcing capabilities allows us to extend our reach to every corner of the Australian market. Moreover, we have been supporting many Australian and global organisations with key sales roles in New Zealand and the Asia Pacific regions.

Who are your clients? What industry sectors are they in?

Our customers range from high-growth, emerging SME companies to blue chip multi-nationals across nine industry sectors. We have supported companies that need to recruit their first sales professional through to large-scale sales recruitment projects across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

How long does the search process take?

The length of the search process will vary depending on the position. In general, searches for candidates with an 80k to 175K starting salary range will take 20-30 days to complete, while searches for senior sales candidates with starting salary expectation exceeding 175K will take between 30-40 days.

Do you offer a candidate replacement guarantee?

Mitigating risks and ensuring our clients have peace of mind is at the forefront of our thinking and service delivery. We offer industry leading replacement guarantees ranging from 6 to 12 months. For more information click here

What defines high sales achievers ?

High achieving sales professionals and sales leaders achieve superior results relative to their peers and consistently meet or exceed sales targets. These types of sales professionals are very rare – representing less than 5% of the total sales population in Australia.

How do you verify that candidates are high sales achievers?

While we will conduct best practice evidence-based behavioural interviewing techniques and professionally transcribed references as part of our 4 phase search process, the reality is that sales candidates seldom talk their achievements down, nor do they provide referees that are not primed to provide a highly favourable endorsement. To verify sales performance & experience claims to the best of our ability and in doing so mitigate our clients hiring risks, we have developed a systematic, covert background checking process that leverages upon our extensive national networks, giving us direct access to an ex-colleague or customers of the candidate whereby we can make covert inquiries regarding the candidates work history, sales achievements, character etc. We will conduct multiple covert checks prior to the shortlisting stage with the objective of eliminating candidates whose claims are inconsistent with their employment and performance claims.

What if I just want resumes, can we engage non-exclusively?

We are fully committed to our clients recruiting outcomes and this is reflected in the time and resources invested in each search project and our industry-leading service guarantees. Understandably, we expect the same level of commitment from our clients, thus requiring a 30 day of exclusivity period for each contingent search project. Accessing A-level (mostly passive) sales talent requires a rigorous, strategically planned and meticulously executed sourcing process, backed by comprehensive verification and background checks, an outcome that is rarely achieved with ad-hoc, uncommitted engagement and recruitment processes.

What are your recruitment fees? how are they calculated?

Rather than provide an arbitrary fee scale, our philosophy is that recruitment fees should reflect the assessed size of the candidate market and the commensurate resources source and submit an appropriately qualified shortlist of candidates. Our general service fees are, however, very competitive and are based on a percentage of the candidates agreed first-year base salary package (not inclusive of commissions).

Aren’t all sales recruitment agencies the same, what your difference?

Our fundamental differences are our best practice 4 phase sales recruitment processes, our complimentary value-added services, which include a Talent Readiness Audit, Salary & Incentive Benchmarking, EVP: Development and Performance-Based Position Profiling and industry best service guarantees. Together they provide a platform to mitigate our clients hiring risks and optimise their hiring return on investment. 


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