Recruit an Interim Sales Leader

Maintain Sales Revenues in Times Of Change

A sudden change can disrupt your businesses revenue stream, and this can be detrimental to your bottom line. When sales management exits the business or if your organisation is expanding rapidly, we can ensure that your business maintains its sales revenues.

Our Interim Sales Management programme places an experienced sales manager in your business. This allows key stakeholders to focus on other important aspects of your operation while either finding a replacement sales manager or gaining outside objective advice on your current business sales performance.

Key aspects of our interim sales leadership service include

  • We carefully select our interim sales leaders who are senior executives with demonstrable track records of success.
  • We support our interims on assignment, providing detailed feedback, proactively managing the relationship.
  • Our knowledge of the interim sales leadership marketplace means we have years of experience in ‘getting it right.’
  • The collective experience and networks of our partners adds business intelligence
  • The majority of our interim sales leaders are prepared to temporarily relocate to another state or territory.

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