Aren’t all sales recruitment agencies the same, what your difference?

Unlike general agencies, Sales Recruit offers an unrivalled track record of success through a combination of six key competencies.

  • Process: Our ‘4-phase Search Process’ embodies the strategic headhunting capabilities of leading executive search firms.
  • Knowledge: Sales talent attraction and acquisition is our focus, so knowing where and how to find, assess and lure sales talent is our core expertise.
  • Reach: From Sydney to Singapore; we’ve secured sales talent for small and large enterprises across Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.
  • Experience: We’ve been securing top sales talent for 15 years and we’ve placed thousands of sales professionals & sales leaders.
  • Assessment: Our scientific assessment & background checking processes ensure sales performance claims are verified prior to shortlisting.
  • Speed: Our recruitment processes have been refined to deliver a final shortlist of 4-5 headhunted candidates within 14-21 days.

Author: John Lombard
Founder and Managing Director of Sales Recruit Australia
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