How do you verify that candidates are top sales performers?

While we will conduct best-practice evidence-based behavioural interviewing techniques and professionally transcribed references as part of our 4 phase sales recruitment process, the reality is that sales candidates seldom talk their achievements down, nor do they provide referees that are not primed to provide a highly favourable endorsement. To verify sales performance & experience claims to the best of our ability and in doing so mitigate our clients hiring risks, we have developed a systematic, covert background checking process that leverages upon our extensive national networks, giving us direct access to an ex-colleague or customers of the candidate whereby we can make covert inquiries regarding the candidates work history, sales achievements, character etc. We will conduct multiple covert checks prior to the shortlisting stage with the objective of eliminating candidates whose claims are inconsistent with their employment and performance claims.

Author: John Lombard
Founder and Managing Director of Sales Recruit Australia
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