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Recruit accomplished sales professionals and visionary leaders through a deliberate, strategic approach, not by mere chance

Build a World Class Sales Team

Don't settle for candidates who are simply ON the market. Instead, aim to recruit elite talent passively embedded IN the market

Optimise Hiring Returns

For over 20 years we have been unlocking best in market talent, elevating hiring returns & mitigating hiring risks

Recruiting Sales Talent by Design, Not by Chance

Attracting industry-leading sales talent and visionary sales leaders capable of driving significant revenue growth is a strategic endeavour that seldom occurs by happenstance. However, many employers inadvertently opt for reactive sales talent acquisition methods, such as posting vacancies on job boards and listing positions with non-specialised staffing agencies. 

Sales Recruit Partners has been at the forefront of meticulously crafted, strategically executed sales recruitment campaigns. We leave nothing to chance, ensuring companies can effectively reduce hiring risks while maximising their returns.

Our battle-tested sales recruitment methodology has evolved and improved over two decades. We’ve listened closely to client feedback and fine-tuned talent identification processes, and we’ve adopted cutting-edge assessment and background screening strategies while keeping our unwavering focus on what matters most to our clients: driving revenue growth and gaining a competitive edge.

B2B Sales Professionals
  • Account Executives
  • Sales Executives
  • Account Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Sales Consultants
  • Major Account Managers
  • National Account Managers
  • Sales Engineers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Territory/Area Managers
  • Sales Operations Specialists
  • Sales Development Reps (SDRs)
  • Government Sales Specialists
Sales Leaders
  • Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
  • Sales Director / VP Sales
  • National Sales Managers
  • Regional Sales Managers
  • State Sales Managers
  • Field Sales Managers
  • Mid-Market Sales Managers
  • New Business Sales Managers
  • Enterprise Sales Managers
  • Government Sales Managers
  • Channel Sales Managers
  • Technical Sales Directors
  • Sales Strategy Directors

Securing dependable, high-performing B2B sales professionals and visionary sales leaders remains a persistent challenge for organisations. Our research underscores the complexity of this task, revealing that a mere 3% of high-performance sales achievers are open to new opportunities.

a below-average sales track record
an above-average sales track record
a high performance sales record
open to changing jobs
0 %

The Percentage of High Sales Achievers recruiterd through job boards

0 %

Sales personnel & sales leaders who will changes jobs within 12 months

0 %

Sales personnel who will not achieve their annual sales target

0 %

The cost of making a bad sales hire as a percentage of first year salary

The Sales Recruit Partners
The Sales Recruit Partners
Tactical Approach
Strategically planned, highly resourced and laser targeted headhunting processes.
Market Mapping
Our dedicated research team perform deep market dives to uncover hidden sales talent.
Offer Management
We manage every step of the verbal & written offer presentation & negotiation process.
Salary Benchmarking
Comparative industry compensation & incentives benchmarking analysis & advice.
Background Screening
All shortlisted candidates are background checked via in-house & third-party screening methods.
Hiring Guarantee
Industry leading 6-month replacement guarantee. 12 months for leadership appointments.
Opportunity Prospectus
A professionally designed position & employer marketing document to engage with top sales talent.
Professional Assessments
Complementary cognitive, behavioural, emotional intelligence & leadership assessments.
Non-Solicitation Policy
We contractually commit never to solicit sales leaders placed into our client organisations.
Process Driven, Outcome Focused

Sales Recruit Partners have combined two decades of experience, regular client feedback and proprietary technologies to develop a unique eight-phase search process that produces superior hiring outcomes and drives revenues. We aim to be trustworthy advisers to our clients during all search phases. We always strive to exceed client expectations by providing a meaningful choice of candidates and a smooth and thorough process.

sales recruitment process
Sales Recruit
Sales Recruit

To holistically evaluate candidate fit, we have developed the Sales Recruit CLEAR RANK assessment system for shortlisted candidates. The Clear Rank system is based on five key quality dimensions, and candidates receive a score between 1 and 5 on each dimension.

Measures work ethic, communication style, motivation, personality profile.
Measures stability, career trajectory, potential tenure, compensation profile.
Measures overall career  credentials, achievements, & previous company pedigree.
ttitude & Aptitude
Measures soft and hard skills considered to be essential traits dictated by the brief. 
Measures quality of “front ” &  “back ” door references that can validate work history and achievements.

Companies Served Since 2004


Search Assignment Success Rate


Hires Retained Beyond 12 Months



I was previously sceptical about using recruitment firms until I was referred to Sales Recruit Partners. We were so happy with their results that we reengaged them again immediately and they delivered again.

Matthew Marshall

Director - Freight People


Sales Recruit Partners promptly and professionally solved critical sales hiring challenges that our business was unable to overcome for some time. Professional and methodical approach. Highly recommend

Reece Watson

VP Sales ANZ - Avepoint


Sales Recruit Partners were engaged for a critical senior leadership role in our business and we were provided with excellent candidates for the role I was recruiting for. We are very happy with the service provided. Highly recommended

Tristan Zhou

Managing Director - Simmonds Lumber


Sales Recruit Partners executed a thorough search process from start to finish and were able to source exceptional candidates that we would not have surfaced with our normal recruiting methods.

Stephen Falkner

Chief Executive


My experience with Sales Recruit Partners exceeded all expectations with the company ticking every box and providing excellent candidates for the role I was recruiting for. Couldn’t be happier with the service provided

Sharnie Watson

State Manager - Sleepmaker


Sales Recruit Partners have solved a number of critical sales recruitment challenges for us over the past few years. Great talent partner

David Norman

COO - Now Finance


I secured a sales leadership position through Sales Recruit Partners and in this role, I had the opportunity to engage them for an important sales search. As a candidate and a client, I my experience with SRP has been unmatched

Mike Walker

Senior Manager of Excel Solution


Sales Recruit were on brief and on time with a key new sales hire for our business. I found them to be thoroughly process orientated and professional. Would not source sales & marketing talent elsewhere

Matthew Waddell

General Manager - One Agency


Sales Recruit partners assisted us with hiring our first employee in Australia. The communication upfront was open and transparent. The execution was decisive and fast. All in all, a very pleasant experience

Juliaan Kleinloog

Commercial Director - Bird Control Group


We had a requirement to identify and secure key business developers under a unique engagement model and Sales Recruit Partners were the only firm in capable of meeting this requirements.

Lyndsay Hilditch

Mid Market Manager - VIVA Energy


We were very impressed with the speed and level of urgency at which they operated and the level of professionalism and expertise they provided throughout the entire process.

Anya Anderson

RedSeed - CEO & Co-Founder


We absolutely love working with Sales Recruit Partners. They took the time to understand our business culture and sales goals. Despite challenging job briefs, they presented us with the right candidates and helped close key sales positions. Preferred sales recruitment partner in the APAC region

Biju Madhav

Senior Vice President ANZ - Value Labs


Sales Recruit Partners made all effort to understand our brief, even to the point they revisited the brief for fine tuning. We enjoyed the experience and the outcomes, as we found the ideal candidates.

Patrick Lanzon

NSW State Manager - Sunlover Heating


A long-term sales recruitment partner of strategic importance to our ongoing growth plans. Would highly recommend to any organisation serious about reducing sales hiring risk

Roger Lassen

Managing Director - Filpro Automotive


I've enjoyed a very positive experience as a candidate and an employer and recommend the team at Sales Recruit Partners to any company serious about securing high calibre sales & marketing talent

Jason Bulger

Commercial Director - CONQA


Highly effective and professional sales recruitment firm that has become an invaluable growth partner for your business

Aaron O'Keeffe

Chief Growth Officer - Aussie Broadband


After just a few conversations to highlight the company’s exact needs, to my surprise, a list of 8 extremely high-quality candidates was presented. The quality was so high, we employed 2 of them!

Ben Gripske

Director - Roy Gripske & Sons


While running an early stage startup everything feels hard, that’s why it’s been so nice to have our accounting feel easy. We recommed Qetus.

Keil Davies

NSW Sales Manager - Access Hire


After just a few conversations to highlight the company’s exact needs, to my surprise, a list of 8 extremely high-quality candidates was presented. The quality was so high, we employed 2 of them

Brett Engeman

Managing Director - Tes Australia


Sales Recruit Partners has solved some critical sales and leadership talent challenges and is an integral partner in our companies expansion plans.

Mark Chan

General Manager - GMG


We were challenged filling a key account development role, and were delighted that Sales Recruit Partners were able to deliver a great hiring outcome for our business.

Nichole Beasley

HR Manager - Hunter Douglas


Highly professional sales search firm with impressive candidate networks and a deep understanding of the technology sector

Alistair McDonald

Head of Business Development - HR Assured


Sales Recruit Partners have been a pleasure to work with and were very effective at getting the right sales and customer success professional for our business

Michael Chachaty

Director - Institute of Management


We were delighted at the professionalism, attentional to detail and speed that Sales Recruit Partners were able to solve a key sales leadership role for our business. Recommended!

Andrew Williams

General Manager - Maxijet Australia


Sales Recruit Partners would be at the top of the list for future sales & marketing recruitment requirements. Highly consultative, strategic and methodical in their approach

Peter Baxevanis

General Manager - Marinescapes International


Since working with Sales Recruit Partners it has become clear that we cannot rely on job listings to attract the best salespeople to our business. Highly recommend their service

Arman Semerjian

Managing Director - CR8 Property Group


Sales Recruit Partners have provided us with exceptional candidates and advise to help grow our sales revenues. A pleasure working with them and highly recommended

Alex Butera

Director - National IT Solutions


Sales Recruit Partners helps us fill critical senior sales and customer success vacancies in Australia and are now our go to search partner for sales and marketing talent.

Claire Burgess

HR Manager ANZ - Henry Schein One Asia


When we need a targeted headhunting firm to identify and secure high caliber sales people for our business, Sales Recruit Partners are our firm of choice.

Eduard Julyan

Sales Manager - Tenneco


Sales Recruit Partners were an outstanding search partner in a key senior leadership role in for our ANZ region. Detailed, strategic and professional headhunting firm. Highly recommend.

Shane Paladin

Chief Executive Officer at Siteimprove


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